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What Does A Swedish Full Body Massage Include?


If you are new to having a massage or planning your first ever spa day and want to have a better idea of what a full body Swedish massage entails so you know whether to include it in your treatment portfolio then read on and we will try to enlighten you. Also if you have decided a massage may be beneficial you may want to ascertain if a Swedish massage is for you. It is a massage therapy which includes a full body massage with the introduction of oils. It does not include a sauna beforehand, but if you are in a health spa then a sauna immediately preceding a full body Swedish massage is a good tip as it means your muscles are already warmed up and more malleable right from the start. Most of the modern western massages are derived from Swedish massage , such as a sports massage and deep tissue massage. However, by default the Swedish massage is the only one that covers the full body.

Usually this includes the area under the breasts and the buttocks as well. However, if someone does not want these more intimate areas of the anatomy included then it is best to say at the beginning of the treatment. As the therapist practices a range of movements and strokes all over the body, then a session could last up to sixty or even ninety minutes. Though for a first time between 50 and 60 minutes is probably about standard. The massage should be void of pain if done correctly as it is a fairly gentle process, with a little bit of kneading and light chopping from time to time, but just enough to release tense muscles.

A Manchester Swedish massage full body massage includes lots of relaxation

Swedish massage is about therapeutic relaxation , it offers some pain relief, but just relieving some aching muscles. For real pain relief a deep tissue massage may be more appropriate or even a sports massage. However, both of these have Swedish massage as a base. The long slow strokes of this more sedate therapy induces relaxation, some therapists include some soothing background mood music. Relaxing both the mind and the body is the object of the exercise.

Though as a consequence of the induced muscle activity, blood circulation is also increased and freshly oxygenated blood invigorates the muscle tissue. All of this is therapeutic and  gives the recipient of the Swedish massage a boost and a good all round feeling.  There are many places that specialise in Swedish Massage in Manchester city centre and outlying areas. Just search for a Swedish massage near me. There may be some reviews that you can read and consider before deciding where to go.