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Why Forward Looking Companies Provide Massage

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 11 Nov

With the number of employees suffering from work related issues, both physical and stress disorders, it is in the interests of the business as a whole and essentially for the workforce, to help alleviate these negative effects. One way that progressive local companies are looking at the situation, is by offering massage sessions at Manchester Massage. We are already serving several Manchester companies by providing group packages that they offer as benefits to their staff. This in turn ensures that the mood of the office or work environment is relaxed and positive. The appreciation for this intervention is strongly felt as the staff feel valued and respected by their employers. A simple benefit which can generate a sense of loyalty and increased productivity.

As Manchester Massage is able to offer six therapy rooms, small groups can be accommodated by booking in advance. Or the company can award vouchers to be redeemed as may be convenient to each individual. For companies that wish to offer massage vouchers as part of a reward scheme, or as an ongoing wellness benefit, according to the budget available, Manchester Massage is ready to help with planning and arrangements. A relaxating or therapeutic massage can not only reduce stress and relieve tension and pain in the muscles for those working on keyboards all day for example, but also lowers blood pressure, relieves headaches and can prevent repetitive strain damage.

For what is essentially a small investment there are huge rewards in the employer/employee relationship.