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Your First Therapy at Manchester Massage


Ensuring that the massage therapy you choose is the right one for you when you have never had a massage before, or possibly have not had one for many months, is very important.

Understanding that your body may not be used to the massage techniques that will be employed by the therapist during different types of massage, will help you avoid any potential after effects such as stiffness or even bruising. So unless you are a regular massage client, it is definitely one of the more relaxing massages that will be the place to begin your massage journey. Just because you are going to the gym, or starting off on the couch to 5K for example and are suffering tight, over stretched muscles, it is not the deep tissue massage that you are after. Going for a Swedish massage where the pressure can be varied, a little deeper or taking it back a step, would be a good choice. Allowing your muscles to adjust to a treatment plan will always bring about the best results. By starting light and then building up the pressure, you are treating your body with respect.

If you are looking at the overall picture of your health and wellbeing, then taking an even more relaxing massage will be the way forward. Dealing with stress and the pressures of 21st century living is something that we all need to look at and massage has been found scientifically, as well as by experience, to be an answer. Once you have tried some of the therapies on offer, you and your body, will understand just what is needed and when. You will have become a massage convert and a regular for both relaxing and therapeutic massage treatments.