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Derma Roller in Manchester

Enhance your skin with a Derma Roller treatment in Manchester!

Is your skin dry and dull? Or perhaps you have an uneven skin tone or pigmentation? If you are looking for a treatment that offers a vast improvement to the skin on your face then a facial derma roller in Manchester may be the perfect choice for you! This is a similar technique to microneedling, however the needles used are shorter and the device rolls over the skin to create small pathways which facilitates the serum applied to absorb more deeply for greater effect.

Offers many benefits for your skin!

This is a quick and effective treatment and this derma Roller Manchester City Centre salon is known to provide outstanding results for many clients. The main benefits to a regular treatment is that it can improve your skin’s surface and reduce any pigmentation issues and is sometimes even known to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars gradually over time. Clients may begin to notice results after the first treatment but a regular session will give increased long term results. The elasticity of the skin and your age can affect results accordingly.

Derma Roller can be used for other parts of the body too!

Not only is the Derma Roller Manchester perfect for your face, it is also exceptionally beneficial for tackling imperfections on other parts of the body, such as stretch marks! It can be applied wherever you have stretch marks, such as the thighs and the stomach, and using the same technique of creating micro pricks to the skin by employing a dermaroller, the results can be highly impressive in revealing smooth and unblemished skin! This service goes deep enough into the skin structure to reach the tissues that are causing the stretch marks rather than only touching the surface.

Does it hurt?

If you have been considering trying a treatment by Derma Roller near Manchester you may be feeling cautious due to the involvement of tiny needles, however it proves to be a painless and simple treatment for most people. The handheld device penetrate the skin to induce tiny wounds and therefore stimulate the body’s healing process generating the production of collagen and depending on your pain threshold there should only be minor discomfort.

Is this suitable for everyone?

Unfortunately, if you have a skin condition such as eczema, acne, psoriasis or even current sunburn, this may mean that it isn’t suitable for you and a consultation with our professional beautician to assess your face is required. Your individual needs are always prioritised and the beautician may offer an alternative treatment that is more suitable for you such as a mild facial. If you are suitable for this treatment, there are various aftercare instructions including avoid makeup, hot water and exercise for 24 hours and the application of a recommended skin care product after the treatment for optimal results.

Book amazing facial derma rollers in Manchester for gorgeous skin!

A regular treatment is essential if you want to improve the appearance of your skin long term and when you find out our beauty therapist at Manchester massage offers this, there really is no other option! With a 1 hour appointment for £60 you are guaranteed a professional, safe and hygienic treatment that may offer stunning results almost immediately! Book today and over time your skin may be transformed with ongoing visible improvements appearing gradually.

Derma Roller  Was £120 Now it is from £60 for 1 hr * Book Now!