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Derma Pen in Manchester

Reveal gorgeous skin with regular derma pen in Manchester!

If you are in need of a professional treatment that is recognised as improving the appearance of your skin then look no further than derma pen in Manchester. The derma pen is becoming highly popular as it offers results which can include an improved complexion, skin tone and the reduced appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and even acne scars on the face! In as little as 3 sessions, clients can look forward to smooth, clear skin that looks flawless and leaves you feeling confident!

Many benefits are offered!

Not only can your skin be visibly improved with a DermaPen Treatment in Manchester, there is little to no downtime involved as you don’t need time to recover. It is also safe for clients with all skin types to receive a treatment and the results gradually increase over time. It is effective for skin types of both men and women and is a minimally invasive treatment that is suitable at all times of the year for ongoing regular appointments. The treatment is an hour long session and a regular appointment is most beneficial every 6 weeks for the best results.

How does it work?

These types of Facials in Manchester use a device generally known as a derma pen, the technique consists of very fine needles which penetrate your skin to create hundreds of micro channels (micro punctures) which are then stimulated to boost your healing process and therefore improve the appearance of the skin on the face by the production of new collagen. This reveals fantastic results of a brighter complexion and flawless, spot free skin! It is a 3 step treatment, beginning with inflammation to puncture the skin, proliferation which promotes the healing and remodelling which is the creation of new skin cells.

Book incredible Derma pen for expert results!

When you are looking for a Derma Pen Treatment in Manchester for your face it is essential you receive a first class service performed by a fully qualified cosmetologist. Our resident beauty therapist within Manchester Massage offers the professional service of the derma pen facial treatment priced at £35 for an hour with a package deal of 3 sessions for £90. A regular treatment can create stunning skin that boosts your confidence and makes you feel good! Book an appointment and reveal your fabulous skin with expert results!

Dermapen facial treatment  Was £70 Now it is from £35 for 1 hr * Book Now!
Dermapen facial treatment (3 sessions) Was £180 Now it is from £90 for 1 hr * Book Now!