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Inch loss treatment in Manchester

Enhance your beauty with stunning inch loss treatments in Manchester!

Are you in need of a treatment that not only tackles body fat but also makes you look and feel good? The inch loss treatments in Manchester are a fantastic option that many clients love, as the results may offer reduced fat and the appearance of firmer skin! This service uses ultrasound to target the areas of fat to effectively break down the cells and therefore offer a gorgeous, slimmer body.

How does it work?

The expert cosmetologist applies gel onto the skin in the areas to be treated and then uses an ultrasound machine to transmit low frequency sound waves into the body to break down and destroy the body fat that has built up. The body then gradually drains out the fat cells through the lymphatic system and clients should notice a visible improvement almost immediately! A session lasts around 1 hour 15 minutes and your comfort and safety is prioritised throughout.

Are there any after effects?

This Inch loss treatment Manchester City Centre based, is most commonly used on the abdomen to reduce the appearance of belly fat and contour your body shape. Once the treatment has finished some clients may feel slightly tender with bruising, soreness and redness but this wears off soon after and there is no downtime required. Clients then may begin to notice the stunning results soon after even one treatment! A regular session is advised for the best possible results.

Impressive results for your body!

The first treatment can offer up to 1.5cm inch loss which clients are incredibly impressed with and with a regular session you may notice even further results! Although many clients may think of this as an alternative Weight Loss Treatments in Manchester, this service focuses on the inch loss rather than weight loss as a whole and most treatments are only temporary so it is advised to book your appointments for when it is going to be most beneficial such as just before a special occasion where you want to show off your look!

Book stunning inch loss treatments in Manchester right now!

If you have decided that this treatment is the perfect option for you, then the next step is finding the best venue that is known to provide the finest service for every client’s needs. Here at Manchester Massage our resident beauty therapist offers this outstanding service for a price of £120 for a 1 hour and 15 minute session on the front or back areas and many clients are extremely happy with their results of slim and sometimes even flatter appearance of their body. Book today and experience the amazing service for possible incredible results!

Inch loss treatment Was £240 Now it is from £120 for 1 hr 15 mins * Book Now!