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Dermaplaning in Manchester

Reveal beautiful skin with fantastic dermaplaning in Manchester!

If you are looking for a treatment that will tackle your fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars and facial hairs, the dermaplaning in Manchester is a trending treatment that can transform your skin in as little as 3 sessions! Clients love the stunning results after only a 1 hour session and with a regular treatment it is possible that your skin will appear flawless and blemish free in no time. It is important that you book with a professional beautician to ensure you receive an outstanding service with expert results.

How does it work?

A dermaplaning clinic in Manchester offers a professional service which involves the use of a scalpel or a specialist tool known as a dermatome that looks like a type of razor which is moved over the skin on the face by a fully qualified aesthetician to effectively scrape off the top layer of skin which mainly consists of dead skin cells, dirt and debris from the outside world that naturally builds up on the skin. It can even remove unwanted facial hair, known as peach fuzz for women and clients are impressed with the results of super smooth and clean skin after a deep exfoliation with a dermaplaning tool.

Perfect for many skin types!

The treatment will begin with a consultation to make sure this is suitable for you and your skin. You can also discuss any worries or concerns you may have to make you feel more comfortable in the hands of our professional aesthetician. The dermaplaning facial in Manchester is perfect for many skin types, including dry and dull skin, sun damaged skin, aging skin and is most common for the clients who are looking to reduce and remove the appearance of acne scars and pigmentation in the skin. However if you have a skin condition such as current acne or sunburn, eczema, rosacea or psoriasis, this treatment is not suitable for you and an alternative option will be offered.

You are guaranteed expert results!

There are many benefits to receiving regular Dermaplaning Treatment Services Manchester has to offer, your skin can be transformed with a brighter complexion and feel smoother due to the hair removal. Clients can also notice the reduced appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and even acne scars for stunning results! The extent of the results will depend on your skin type and tone but many clients believe a regular treatment can improve any problematic areas!

Are there any after effects?

For many clients there are no reactions to the Dermaplaning in Manchester city centre, however after your first treatments you may have swollen or slightly tender, sore and red skin caused by the Dermatome tool as well as a slight tingling feeling on the face up to 48 hours after the treatment. These side effects will lessen with each treatment you receive as your skin gets used to the service. Another possible side effect which is really uncommon is that some clients’ hair grows back darker and thicker on your chin or as sideburns but this is a very rare occurrence.

Book incredible dermaplaning in Manchester right now!

Once you have made your decision regarding this treatment, you need to find the best venue for Dermaplaning near you in Manchester that is known for their expert services. Here at Manchester Massage our resident beauty therapist offers this service at £80 for a 1 hour treatment with a bulk booking offer of £220 for 3 sessions. This is an incredible price and with a regular session you may discover stunning results of flawless skin that looks truly amazing! Book an appointment now and experience this fantastic treatment in a hygienic and professional environment!

Dermaplaning Was £160 Now it is from £80 for 1 hr * Book Now!
Dermaplaning (3 sessions) Was £440 Now it is from £220 for 1 hr * Book Now!